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Considered to be a dream destination for most travellers, the small islet of Mont Saint Michel is also a culinary heaven, which takes influences from a wide array of cuisines, especially those of Normandy and Brittany. There are several restaurants in Mont Saint Michel where you can enjoy getting a taste of true authentic French cuisine, in addition to a plethora of local meat and cheese specialties and delicious cider. When visiting the Mont Saint Michel restaurants for a meal, don’t forget to try the local pre-salted sheep, which is a special delicacy of the region. Whether you are looking for a semi-gourmet restaurant, a high-end fine dining establishment, or even a venue with a relaxed and casual atmosphere, you can find all kinds of restaurants in Mont Saint Michel.

Auberge Saint-Pierre
Auberge Saint-Pierre

Located right in the centre of the region is Auberge Saint-Pierre, one of the best restaurants in Mont Saint Michel. Boasting of a cosy and vibrant ambience, this restaurant is also known to serve some of the most delicious Italian and seafood dishes.

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Du Guesclin
Du Guesclin

If you are on the lookout for a place where you can get a taste of the islet’s local cuisine and regional specialities, Du Guesclin is the place to be. In addition to beautiful views of the surrounding bay, the restaurant also has a very relaxing ambience, along with three different sets of menus, perfect to suit the tastes of all kinds of guests.

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La Sirène
La Sirène

Amongst the top Mont Saint Michel restaurants is the La Sirène, a creperie that is hidden at the back of an old souvenir shop in this village island. Accessible by a 15th century staircase, this quaint café-cum-restaurant is particularly known for its savoury Breton galette, which can be filled with a variety of condiments and ingredients, and can be paired with coffee, wine or even the delicious Normandy cider.

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Le Tripod
Le Tripod

Located quite close to the Abbey in Mont Saint Michel is Le Tripod, a small but quaint restaurant which is perfect to the local dishes of the region. Le Tripod is particularly known for their oysters and mussels with chips, cider as well as a wide array of crepes.

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Creperie La Cloche
Creperie La Cloche

Amongst the top restaurants in Mont Saint Michel is Creperie La Cloche, a rather cosy creperie and café, which is known amongst locals and tourists for their warm hospitality and service. It is here where you can try a wide range of delicious crepes, along with some of the best local cider in the region, as well as their homemade ice cream.

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La Mère Poulard
La Mère Poulard

Open since 1888, La Mère Poulard has been one of the most famous names not just in Mont Saint Michel, but in the entire country, and has served famous persons, including Ernest Hemingway and Yves Saint Laurent. When visiting here, make sure to try their open-fire omelette, which is quite popular amongst everyone.

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Prè Salè
Prè Salè

For a fine dining authentic French meal, head over to the quaint gourmet establishment of Prè Salè, which ranks as one of the best Mont Saint Michel restaurants. Located close to the Abbey, this restaurant is a must visit for all the food lovers visiting Mont Saint Michel.

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La Terrasse Du Mouton Blanc
La Terrasse Du Mouton Blanc

Offering some of the most panoramic views of the bay, La Terrasse Du Mouton Blanc is known for its charming interiors, complete with cast-iron chandeliers, copper pots and comfortable seating. Some of the notable things on their menu are galettes and other classic bistro dishes.

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La Rotisserie
La Rotisserie

Ranked as one of the best and most vibrant restaurants in Mont Saint Michel, La Rotisserie has a modern pop style, along with a fixed menu and an a la carte menu. This restaurant also specialises in galettes, salads, grilled meats and an extensive selection of regional delicacies and desserts.

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Auberge De La Baie
Auberge De La Baie

Boasting of two incredible outdoor terraces for seating, Auberge De La Baie is popular amongst everyone, especially for its delicious food and top-notch service. In addition to dishes made of fresh, regional and organic produce, you must also try their special salted meadow lamb dishes.

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What food is Mont St-Michel known for?

    Some of the best food or dishes that Mont Saint Michel is known for includes the Poireaux de Créances, a leek from the Manche region which is typically used in quiches, stews or even with fresh scallops, the Prés-salés du Mont-Saint-Michel, which is fresh lamb meat and others. When visiting the Mont Saint Michel restaurants, you must especially try the salted lamb dishes, or the Isigny Crème Fraîche, along with the soft French Coutances cheese, the French triple crème St. Andre cheese, etc.

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